What she doesnt know…

My wife is of the opinion “What I don’t know cant hurt me”. In essence, if she doesn’t find out about something and I don’t tell her about it, then it wont her her or cause her anger (and would possibly spare me an ass-whopping). I often have trouble with this though because I usually tell my wife everything (trying to be truthful and all).

Anyways, my wife was sick this week and on Monday I took her to the emergency room. My son went with us while my sister in law stayed with our daughter at our home. My son checked out fine and could go home. My wife had an IV to get her re-hydrated and medicated. My wife said to take our son home and come back. Easy enough.

I took our son home and put him to bed. As I climbed back into the car I realized that I had not eaten at all that day (it was 9:30 pm) so I stopped to get some Burger King on the way back to the hospital. Now before you say anything, when I left she was fine, resting, and in no way in any danger.

Anyways, I scarfed it down while en route and disposed of the trash on the way to the room. I got back and she didn’t even notice I was there until she woke up about 2 hours later. I took her home after that and put her to bed as well.

OK. Enough backstory. Skip ahead to 3 days later. My wife and I are having a tender moment when she says that she was really glad that I was there when she woke up in the that night and that she appreciated rushing back to her side. I, stupid git that I am, told her I stopped by BK on the way back. Moment, killed.

The morale of the story: If you ever find yourself in a position where your significant other is praising you for being a great wife/husband, keep quiet. You’ll only get yourself in trouble if you tell them about the side trip to the store, your friends house, or the quick stop at the casino. So do yourself a favor; keep your pie hole shut and just say ‘Thank You’.


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