Through sickness and health

I really wish it was more health than sickness, but this winter has not been kind to my family.

I took my wife and son to the emergnecy room last night for what was diagnosed as Gastroenteritis; which is just a fancy name the doctors have given to a “vomit bug”. Anyway, it causes dehydration and other non-fun things including vomiting. Luckily, myself and my daughter have escaped the bug this time around (knock on wood). I’m also hoping my bosses advice (take crap tons of vitamins) really will work to armor me up against the nasty little viruses. It’s no fun being sick.


EDIT: Oh and “YourOwnPersonalLumburgBaby “, I know who you are; I know where you live; and I am right behind you!

EDIT 2: Made you look! Ok, back to work I go.

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