The most effective speed limit sign EVER

The speed limit here in Oregon is 65mph. I think. I dont really know for sure since I never really bother to read the posted limits and usually plow down the road at about 70-75mph. I have never had a speeding ticket (know on my wood desk) but most of my friends have and they got fined pretty heavily.

Now, over in Denmark, they have speeding problems as well. But instead of those stupid little radar gun trailers that tell you your speed, they came up with a better, more… human… solution. You’ll have to check out the site to get the full impact.
(Not suitable if work in a cubicle, or an office that doesnt lock, or you are in a meeting. Everyone else if fine.)

Before you click on the link (because once you do you won’t come back) let just say that if this was ever implemented here, I would follow the posted limits to the letter…er, number.


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