Search Engine Hullabaloo

search_logos.gifNow I really don’t mind all the folks promoting search engine optimization. I think that it’s a vital service a useful service that most people can use.

I’ve been trying to get a good handle on how to do it right but there are always varying opinions on what is “right” and frankly I’m sick of some SEO folks saying I’m doing it wrong just last week they said I should be doing it like this.

Anyways, there are some companies that offer search engine optimization services that can actually produce good results. With less than 30% of internet surfers clicking on your sponsored ads, increasing your traffic makes sure you at least get your fair share of the 30%.

And speaking of SEO, be sure to link back here and help spread the search engine love around a bit. That, and I need a new iPod and AdSense isn’t paying what it used to. :)


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