Run, Forest, Ruuuun!

My wife, the ultimate wife in the universe, just got me my birthday present early. We went to the Nike employee store and picked up my new running shoes, then to Best Buy to pick up my new iPod Nano. :)

We also go the Nike+ to go with the shoes and the iPod so now I can keep track of my runs and even upload them to to show the world how crappy I run after winter of not doing anything.

Anyways, I may post some pics but everyone knows what an iPod looks like so it isn’t anything new. I’m just really stoked that she did that for me for my birthday and wanted to tell everyone. :)

Update: Here are some pics of my new toy. I would have done it sooner, but I’m lazy about grabbing em out of the camera.

Loading up my nifty green iPod Nano New kicks and the Nike+ Running sensor All ready to go!


But first my wife has to play with it a bit. And then my daughter has to push the buttons.

Eventually I did go out for a run and it was pretty sweet once I got it working right (forgot you had to restart the nano with the Nike+ system). Cheers.

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