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The Best iPod Accessory Ever!

I really didnt believe it at first when I saw it. I mean, who creates this stuff? Well, OhMiBod did and its looking to be quite a popular novelty item. Even though I would probably never buy one, its somewhat … Continue reading

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Cell phones aplenty from Wirefly

So of course I’m checking the sites looking for a deal on a bluetooth headset and possibly a new phone. My results are not what you would call spectacular until I come across Wirefly who sells Motorola cell phones as … Continue reading

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My Favorite Line From A Movie

Watch Zathura and you’ll see it about 30 minutes in. Its freaking hilarious. The 2 kids in the movie start playing the game. The older brother gets a card that says “Your robot is defective”. All so the sudden a … Continue reading

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Mac for me without the fee

Well, sorta. I wanted to really try out a Mac G5 but I really, really don’t want to shell out the $5 grand for it. I mean, how will I know if I like it? Will it play nice with … Continue reading

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Quitting Smoking (again) – So far so good

Well, its been 10 days since I bought a pack of smokes. 10 whole, interminably long days. That’s not to say I have had a cigarette in the last 10 days, because I have (only one, so please get that … Continue reading

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Who loves free stuff? Who doesn’t!

I’m a big fan of free stuff. I’m a bigger fan with that stuff is actually good. I came across this site offering up all kinds of freebie information and reviews about various tech items and gadgets and services that … Continue reading

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Mortgage Calculators-a-plenty

If you ever wonder what that $2 million home would cost per month to own, or how much that little fixer-upper down the street would set you back, then you need a mortgage calculator to figure out how much you … Continue reading

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Reinvigorate – The Ninja Master of Statistics

A few years ago (late 2004) my mate sent me a link to a nifty little service called reinvigorate. It offered off-site tracking (like Hitbox and the rest) but also a few things more. I checked it out and put … Continue reading

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Funky Connect the Squares game

I came across this game on Digg and gave it a go. Its a somewhat good distraction from work if you need a break. The directions were slightly confusing but once I got to playing I found it even … Continue reading

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New Developments from PayPerPost

Well, that’s what I’m expecting anyway. PayPerPost, a really nifty online advertising service, has some great big secret about some new services that they are going to start rolling out here soon, and they want the public to guess what … Continue reading

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