I Wonder…

… If it hurts when you poke a blind person in the eye.

… if Cher would melt if she sat to close to a campfire.

… if the “Young and the Restless” will ever become the “Old and the Gaseous”.

… if a man says his opinion in a forest, and a woman isn’t around to hear it, is he still wrong?

… why women go through 14 clothing changes in 15 minutes just to go with the first thing they put on. And they still aren’t happy with it.

… why, from your perspective, everyone who posts a comment is a moron, everyone who argues against you is an asshole, and everyone who agrees with you is a suck-up?

… what would happen if I pushed the big red button?

… if life is what you make it, then are problems just “manufacturer defects”? Can we get a replacement?

… what would happen if you follow the white rabbit?

… what the monetary difference is between justifiable homicide and a raging murdering spree?

… if Freddy will visit me in my dreams? And will he bring cookies?

… can a cat kill another cat and steal its extra lives? Kinda like pillaging a fallen enemy for ammo.

… how many people would die without the internet. Not like “my WoW Lv64 Palidin was crushed by that troll” dead; but Dead dead.

… what would happen if I filled the car tires with water instead of air.

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