Calgon, Take me away

The family wants to go on vacation this year. My wife and I are arguing somewhat over what exactly to do on our little jaunt and where we should go. I suggested Ireland or Scotland so we could visit some family. My wife wasnt keen on this idea so she said no to that (sorry Aunt Agnes). She suggested a road trip to see some of the sites in the western Unites States. Maybe even visit my sister in Texas. I considered this and we left it there for a bit. Then I started researching some places to see what we could do with our limited budget (most of it being our tax return from this year).

I found one place offering a Great Beach Vacation and checked it out. was a pretty nice looking site and they also had some pretty good deals. I found one in Ixtapa Mexico (my sister-in-law went there) for $108 a night for the whole family and it included meals. They went up in price of course (I saw one for $350) but the average price was pretty reasonable.

I’m trying to get my info together before I present the plan to my wife. The more airtight my case the harder it is to shoot down. If anyone has any more ideas on where to go for vacation let me know.


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