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Run, Forest, Ruuuun!

My wife, the ultimate wife in the universe, just got me my birthday present early. We went to the Nike employee store and picked up my new running shoes, then to Best Buy to pick up my new iPod Nano. … Continue reading

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What she doesnt know…

My wife is of the opinion “What I don’t know cant hurt me”. In essence, if she doesn’t find out about something and I don’t tell her about it, then it wont her her or cause her anger (and would … Continue reading

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Calgon, Take me away

The family wants to go on vacation this year. My wife and I are arguing somewhat over what exactly to do on our little jaunt and where we should go. I suggested Ireland or Scotland so we could visit some … Continue reading

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I Wonder…

… If it hurts when you poke a blind person in the eye. … if Cher would melt if she sat to close to a campfire. … if the “Young and the Restless” will ever become the “Old and the … Continue reading

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The most effective speed limit sign EVER

The speed limit here in Oregon is 65mph. I think. I dont really know for sure since I never really bother to read the posted limits and usually plow down the road at about 70-75mph. I have never had a … Continue reading

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Search Engine Hullabaloo

Now I really don’t mind all the folks promoting search engine optimization. I think that it’s a vital service a useful service that most people can use. I’ve been trying to get a good handle on how to do it … Continue reading

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Through sickness and health

I really wish it was more health than sickness, but this winter has not been kind to my family. I took my wife and son to the emergnecy room last night for what was diagnosed as Gastroenteritis; which is just … Continue reading

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Quick Update

OK. Gotta make this quick. Wife, son, and I think daughter now are sick with a vomit bug. Have shit-ton of work to get done as result of taking care of them. Thats it. -Paul

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100th Post

So I’ve already reached the 100th post on this little soapbox of mine. I thought I would be really happy about it and I’m more of the feeling of “WTF? 100 already? Don’t I still have a job to do … Continue reading

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No sense in AdSense

Originally when I start this site, I thought “I could make money from AdSense like I see on every other site on the planet”. This turned out to be wrong in many and varied ways. For starters, AdSense is great … Continue reading

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