The search for good Merchant Services

Im always searching for ways to make work more efficient and hassle free. Sometimes (most times really) it is not possible to do both. One of the things that I am always on the lookout for are ways to decrease the overhead of my business. I use Paypal for my business simply because it is easy to use and bill through but I longed for a way to take credit cards in a more professional manner. I think I have found them now.

I came across Advantage Processors quite by accident. I wasnt meaning to find them so Im chalking it up to the fates working for me. Advantage offers credit card processing and merchant account services for businesses large and small. They also cater to online businesses (such as myself) and provide tools and services to help you become a more “professional” business entity. The rates they charge are also among the lowest around; some services charge $0.50 – 5% per transaction so Im really interested in their flat fee.

I already submitted my merchant account application and hope to get approved for it. Ive had my business a long while now (going on 5 years) but I still get shaky whenever I apply for something. Their signup was super-quick and easy and the documentation and tutorials they provided was a very welcomed and comforting thing. I really think I can get to like  Advantage Processors and use them for my merchant services.

Now the only thingI have to worry about is how to tell Paypal that I found something better. I should feel sad about leaving such a long relationship, but the fact that I can save a ton of money on transactions kind of makes it all OK.

You can check out Advantage here to see if they can work their magic for you.

– Cheers Mates

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