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Lightbox JS 2

For the 4 people on the planet who havent seen this, Lightbox JS is the absolute coolest image script ever. Normally you have a thumbnail image that links to a full size and either do some new window JS to … Continue reading

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WordPress as a commerce site

This is actually trickier than I thought. The majority of plugins available for it are basically a “turn a post into a product” type deals. There was one I found that works really great for a shopping cart (im keeping … Continue reading

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The weekend, finally

I am super stoked that the weekend is finally here. This last week was a little stressful and I was almost sure I was going to get fired. But almost everything worked out and the big things got done or … Continue reading

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Whistle while you work

Well, I probably have only one more all-nighter before I am somewhat caught up with work. Hopefully some of these projects can be finished so I can start getting back on track with everything else. At least I have work … Continue reading

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Valentine, dear Valentine

For all of you going out or sitting alone at home, For those of you with someone and those of you alone, A poem, I have, for you to read on this lovers day, Some words of wisdom I lay … Continue reading

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Digg is blocked at thousands of schools across the nation

Digg – Digg is blocked at thousands of schools across the nation – Stop it! This is one of the more stupid things that I have come across in my internet experience. Not only is Digg a very popular news … Continue reading

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More means less

Why is it that whenever I get really busy with work, my productivity drops through the floor? I have about 10 projects that have to get done and none of them are moving at a sufficently expedient rate for me. … Continue reading

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Bill before congress to abolish taxes

TX House Member Ron Paul [R] and FL House Member Jeff Miller [R] proposed on Feb 7th “to abolishing personal income, estate, and gift taxes and prohibiting the United States Government from engaging in business in competition with its citizens.” … Continue reading

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Obama launches presidential bid

 Barack Obama officially threw his hat into the presidential ring in an announcement today. This is a huge deal as he is not only the most qualified (in my opinion) to lead us, but also because he has not been … Continue reading

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Nintendo Wii troubles

I am trying to find a Nintendo Wii for my son or his birthday (in March). My son is into video games and I would rather see him moving around playing the Wii rather than just sitting there moving his … Continue reading

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