Netbank woes

netbank_post.jpgI have been using Netbank since 2002. For the most part it has been quite good. Recently they added some new security measure “to keep your information safe”, as they say on their site.

Now, I have trouble remembering what my mothers maiden name was, let alone what exactly my favorite musical instrument was in high school, my third pets name, or my first family vacation destination. But these are some of the questions that one is now required to answer in order to access ones account.

There are literally dozens of possible questions that you can choose. And you are required to choose 5 security questions. I though I would just use the same answer for all the questions but the programmers at Netbank are a tad smarter than that. I ended up using a set of variations and it was accepted so at least I will get it on the 2nd or 3rd try.

What I find really annoying though is that no one actually asked for these “security enhancements”. I have talked to several other Netbank customers and they are as frustrated and confused as I am. Some of them have moved to other banks simply because they had too hard a time trying to do simple things like check their account balance. I myself am seriously considering closing my account with them due to their complete lack of customer cares.

Does anyone else use Netbank? Are you having the same troubles? Have you moved your accounts elsewhere because of their changes?


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