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Beware the WaMu

Ive banked at Washington Mutual for a while now. Ive even worked on some of their internal systems while employeed in San Francisco. I really thought that they were a solid bank. Boy oh boy was I just proved wrong. … Continue reading

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The search for good Merchant Services

Im always searching for ways to make work more efficient and hassle free. Sometimes (most times really) it is not possible to do both. One of the things that I am always on the lookout for are ways to decrease … Continue reading

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One more sleepless night

I think that 1 more sleepless night is what it will take to get me caught up with everything. Projects are coming due and with an increase in mundane stuff (updates and general client maintainence) my time seems to have … Continue reading

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Comment Spam

In an effort to combat comment span, I have set the number of allowed links in comments to 1. So if you provide more than one link in a comment, it will be flagged for moderation. This is in response … Continue reading

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Taxation without institutionalization

So we filed our taxes early this year. We used the H&R Block tax pro online (for the 4th year in a row) and I must say Im digging it. It took us about 30 minutes to fill out all … Continue reading

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Portland AMA Max Awards

My company was nominated for a marketing award for a website we did for a client. It was a really nifty site that had a virtual training section, a reseller incentive mall where resellers could enter sales and recieve points … Continue reading

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My Third Published Work

Well, it seems that Associated Content really likes my stuff. This is the third article I’ve written that has been published. You can check it out here: AC – Archery For Beginners Its a beginners guide to archery (which Im … Continue reading

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FedEx woes – resolved -sorta

I have been messing with the FedEx API for a client for the better part of 2 months. After many irritated phone calls (and more than a few insults to their IVR system) they finally told me that what we … Continue reading

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Netbank woes

I have been using Netbank since 2002. For the most part it has been quite good. Recently they added some new security measure “to keep your information safe”, as they say on their site. Now, I have trouble remembering what … Continue reading

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Lightbox JS Test

This is a test of the light box functions. Here are the image thumbnails: When you click on the images, the full size loads into a div over the entire site. This is both easy to implment and works on … Continue reading

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