Christmas 2006 at the Guise house

I must say, this Christmas I enjoyed more than any other to date. The kids were stoked at what they got from “Santa”, the tree collecting was fun, and the family time was heart warming.

Here are some pictures from the holiday festivities (mostly present opening).

The kids next to the tree in their new homemade PJs (a family tradition) Christmas Eve

Santa came and went

Kids tearing into their booty

More present opening.

Duncans big present - a Razor scooter

Katens big present - a rocking horse named Collette that dad made and mom decorated.

All in all, this was a great Christmas. Everyone had fun and enjoyed being together. And the presents were well received as well. We still have to go over to Beth’s family and my family’s respective Christmas gatherings but that will only serve to increase the kids present pool.


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