A simple thing that was not so simple to find

This was annoying me so please pardon my rant.

So I’m in the market for a speaker/headphone switch. You know, just something that can switch my audio output to my phones whenever I need too like when I’m playing a game or when my boss Skypes me (for some reason, my bosses voice bothers my wife). Anyways, I was looking for like 3 weeks in all the local places. I went to radio shack, target, best buy, and even Newegg. Not one of them had what I was looking for.

I mean come on, it should be something simple right? There should be like 500 different brand name switches in 50 different colors. But no. Not one of those places had it.

Anyways, skip ahead about 2 weeks and several angry rounds of switching my audio outputs every 15 minutes. I was in office depot and low and behold, there in the accessories isle is just what I needed.

I ended up getting a Plantronics Audio PC Headset Speaker Switch (found here on the Plantronics site). My total cost was about $11. I tried to talk the guy down to $5 (what I think it is actually worth) but he wasn’t having it. At least I bought it cheaper than they advertise on the Plantronics site.

What really annoys me is that of all the places that sell computer peripherals, Office Depot (arguable the worst place to get electronics unless you are either desperate, stupid, or both; I was desperate btw) had what I needed.

I got home, hooked it up, and it is super sweet. The only downfall is that the mic input only works when it’s switched to headset. It’s a small matter since now I don’t have to subject my wife’s frail ears to my boss’s bassoon voice.

Come to think of it, I really don’t like my headset (its 3 years old and uncomfortable) so I’m going to be on the lookout for a new pair (of headphones that is).


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