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A simple thing that was not so simple to find

So I’m in the market for a speaker/headphone switch. You know, just something that can switch my audio output to my phones whenever I need too like when I’m playing a game or when my boss Skypes me (for some reason, my bosses voice bothers my wife). Anyways, I was looking for like 3 weeks in all the local places. I went to radio shack, target, best buy, and even Newegg. Not one of them had what I was looking for.

I mean come on, it should be something simple right? Continue reading

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Christmas 2006 at the Guise house

I must say, this Christmas I enjoyed more than any other to date. The kids were stoked at what they got from “Santa”, the tree collecting was fun, and the family time was heart warming. Here are some pictures from … Continue reading

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