Meet the new Mac and Cheese Queen!

Thats right folks! My wife, Elizabeth, has just won the Tillamook Mac and Cheese contest finals.

Here is a shot I took with my cell phone camera of the new queen:

Her winnings include a whole butt load of free cheese (in coupons, not actual cheese) and $5000 cash! I was so stoked for her when she won. I was really bummed that I was late for the announcement though. I got there right when they were taking her picture for the newspaper (if you look closely, I am the one running up the stairs in the background).

I wonder what she will spend the money on? I wonder if she has any real power in cheese-town (Tillamook)? I dont know, and I dont really care. I got a huge contest placard that she signed for me that I am hanging in the office. I’m super stoked that she won. She worked hard and more than deserved it. Congrats babe!

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