Half-Life 2: My Review

OK. So I know that it isn’t exactly new news that Valve put out Half Life 2. In fact, its been over a year since the games introduction into the community, but I was only able to scrape up the cash for it in the last few weeks. :(

First off, I had Steam installed, so the purchasing phase was about as painless as possible. Then it took a few hours to download (even on broadband) and install. Once that was all done and running, I began to play the single player game.

Un. Fucking. Believable.

I played the whole thing in about 3 days (I did have to work you know). Every second of game play was insanely in-depth in detail but also pulse pounding-ly action packed and deeply immersing. From the second you step off of the train to the last energy ball you shoot off at the enemy portal, this game is as intense as it is beautiful to look at.

I played it on normal setting so as not to die too quickly, but I’m going to go through it again on Hard setting just to see how hard it really is (Ill probably die in the first 15 minutes).

In other areas, one of the greatest and most used is the multi player. I played Team Fortress Classic primarily (engie or heavy was my choice) so the Team Deathmatch intrigued me right off the bat. I was expecting something like the HL1 multi player with physics and better graphics. I got what I expected, but I failed to realize just how much of a difference those graphics and physics additions made in the multi player.

The MP environments were insanely great with realistic shading and highlights and movable (and throw-able) objects. In the first 10 seconds of my first HL2 multi player match, I get killed by a flying toilet. While not too bad in itself, I saw that the kill indicator had an icon of a flying toilet! I later realized that this only meant that I was killed by a thrown object; it didn’t necessarily mean a toilet. It could be a barrel, a box, or even a helicopter rotor blade (rock).

I played MP for a few hours and experience a whole new realm of hyper-realistic gaming. Every detail was about perfect and the game play was superb. I know this has been said before (since I read the review of the game), but this is the greatest game to come out of valve to date. In fact, one would be hard pressed to find its match anywhere. Two thumbs up from me!

You can check out (and buy coincidently) Half-Life 2 from Valve here: http://www.valvesoftware.com/

If you want to go direct to buy, check out Steam at http://steampowered.com/


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