Flash Forward 2006 – Seattle

Hello All. And greetings from the internet lounge at FF 2006 Seattle.

For the 3 people on the planet who don’t know what Flash Forward is, goto www.flashforwardconference.com for info.

Sadly, i want able to attend every session but the ones I did attend were quite cool (except for the one dealing with pedagogically use, that was a little weird).

The keynote from Kevin Lynch was interesting. He basically put the minds of everyone at ease by saying the following:

“We are NOT going to screw up flash.”

So we can all be safe in the knowledge that even though the Macro-Dobe merge is not entirely wanted, Adobe will not be sticking its nose into Flash and Dreamweaver.

Another highlight was the film festival. Out of the 20 awards to be given, only 3 or the recipients were actually present. The rest sent in letters and had goons to accept for them. Also worth noting, Miss Washington USA (total hottie) was handing out the awards. When asked why she was doing it she said “Because i think flash guys are cool.” So, for all those who are new to flash, not only is it a cool app to use to make cool things, but hot chicks will flock to you.

The closing and raffle are still to come (I’m writing this at lunch break), but I’m hopeful to win the raffle and get a free version of studio 8.

Josh Shelby also attended and terrorized downtown Seattle with me during the conference. Look forward to his review of things later.

Ill post more soon.


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